The Redhawk Fellowship

Character Creation

A few notes for character creation: all classes will be allowed except for hybrids (since they're so complicated and often broken). Redhawk is a city for all disciplines, so pretty much any type of character can be found here. I will say that my one requirement for this is that I want your character to have a good reason for who they are – if you're a wizard, have you studied at the University, or were you taught in back alleys by a shady dropout? If you're a rogue, were you brought up in the streets from childhood, stealing to survive, or were you some merchant's kid with a desperate need to rebel? Backstories are key in D&D, and I want you guys to have fun with it. 

Races allowed (these are mostly just to exclude the more ridiculous races, especially the beast ones, since you'll likely have to fight some of them): Human, elf, dwarf, eladrin, halfling, gnome, changeling, dragonborn, genasi, goliath, half-elf, half-orc, shifters (both varieties), revenants, teiflings, drow, deva, and warforged. Keep in mind that some of these will be much harder to roleplay as than others. 

We will start at level 3, and you can have any stat array you like; the only caveat is that none of the stats can be less than 10 (this is mostly for your own good; a balanced character is almost always better than someone who is great at one thing, but shit at all others). 

You will start with 100gp to buy your gear. We will also be using the inherent bonuses system, which is meant to replace most of the lesser magic items in the game. Don't worry, there will still be cool stuff for you guys to discover, but don't bother buying any yet. 

You can use the system's backgrounds for a skill boost or something, but don't worry about themes. We will have a much more fun, customizable system than that. ;) 

Languages: you can start with any language (that makes sense) except for Supernal


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