The Redhawk Fellowship

Mysterious Abductions in the Area:

Investigate the Screams in the Night

You are all recently returned from a mission outside the city, and are surprised to be called into your employer's presence immediately, rather than having the few days off that you are used to. He tells you there is an urgent matter that he hopes you can solve, for the good of the people around you all. 

"As the people in the neighborhood know, this organization is one that operates for good, and so they have come to us for help," he says. "There have been reports coming over the last week of people vanishing from their homes in the night. The only sounds that have been heard are the splintering of doors, screams of terror that disappear into the night, and something slippery creeping through the alleys.

"These are innocent people being taken from their beds by force, and I will not stand by and let it happen unchallenged. Will you take up this investigation?" 


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