The city of Redhawk is a centuries-old conglomeration of magic, bar-brawls, and gang warfare. The city university has proven over the years to be a haven for academic study of all kinds – arcanists, religious devotees, and even primal dedicates have made their homes here since the founding of the city. Outside the university, the Knights of the Hawk enforce the laws that (try to) keep order in the rest of the city. However, they are only one force, and the city is huge; under their less-than-sufficient supervision, a criminal underbelly has flourished, both in the slums of the Lower Circle and the marble streets of Hightown (though admittedly of varying levels of severity). 

The ancestral ruler of Redhawk is simply known as the Hawk. This person is reclusive and mysterious, to the point that no one really knows if they are a man or a woman, if the seat is passed down through a single family, or if the Hawk is a powerful immortal being. When it comes to the every-day affairs of the city, they are handled by the Council of Thirteen – people of powerful influence in the city, in all of its regions. These seats are supposedly held by election, but almost everyone knows that they are generally bought, for good or ill. 

Your employer is a fairly influential person, at least in the middle-slum neighborhood that you live in. You have each come to work for him in some way or another, and after some time, he put you all in a team together. You have been working together for around two years when our adventure starts…

The Redhawk Fellowship

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